Type II Diabetes


Type II Diabetes Can Be a Terrible, Frightening Diagnosis.

But Don’t Despair… We Can Help!

Have you been diagnosed with type two diabetes? Have you been struggling with it for some time and feel like it is controlling your life? Are you sick of taking meds only to find that you are getting worse? Are you tired of going to the doctor and the only solution they offer is more or stronger drugs? At Omaha Integrated Health, we offer a completely different way of dealing with Type II diabetes. Instead of treating diabetes, we show patients how to reverse it!

Type 2 Diabetes Does NOT Have to Be a Death Sentence!

There are many, many different problems that cause or contribute to diabetes, and no two patients are alike. Each person has different failings in their body that can cause diabetes or make it worse. Addressing all of your body’s systems and all of the effects diabetes has on you, instead of focusing solely on blood sugar levels, can dramatically improve your overall health and wellness. Type II diabetes is becoming an increasingly common diagnosis.

Many people find their diagnosis an eye-opening moment and realize that they need to make profoundly serious changes in their health. Unfortunately, most people have no clue what to do and rarely do their doctors! These changes are not ever as simple as diet, lose weight and exercise. While these endeavors are certainly going to improve your health, diabetes is far more complex than that. We need to find out WHY you have diabetes. What went wrong? What broke? Why do YOU have diabetes but other family members don’t? Why do YOU have diabetes, but your friends don’t? What changed? What went wrong? That’s where we can help the most!

A1C Dropped from 14.9 to 5.3 After Getting Off ALL Diabetic Meds!

When you visit Omaha Integrated Health, you will find a doctor who looks at your health in an entirely different way. Many hidden issues can make your type II diabetes symptoms or condition worse. When you have a health care doctor that looks at you as an individual and your body as a whole, interrelated system, you will quickly discover a new outlook on life, healing, and whole-body wellness. We’ve had patients drop their A1C from as high as 14.9 down to 5.3 after getting off ALL of their diabetic medications in as little as 6 months!

Instead of suffering from Type II diabetes and worrying about kidney failure, heart failure, amputations, blindness, neuropathy, and all of the other horrible complications that come with this nasty disease, give us a call and let us show YOU how to reverse Type II.

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