It’s not often that you find positive stories surrounding a diagnosis of chronic illness like diabetes – but one woman, after being told that her years were numbered due to the progression of her diabetes, decided that she wouldn’t submit to her diagnosis, nor let it define her.

She refused to accept her presumed fate – premature death as a result of her condition – and has exceeded her doctor’s expectations for her life expectancy.

One Diabetic’s Cross-Country Journey – On a Bicycle!

Can you imagine what it might be like if your doctor told you, as a young adult,  you’d die in 20 years? Hearing those words is certainly a tough pill to swallow. You would undoubtedly be thankful to have years when others are given only months, but the shocking realization would be disheartening nonetheless for most.

Tracy Herbert decided to take a mind over matter approach and use her diagnosis as a means to bringing awareness to so many who might be at risk. To begin this journey, she is biking across the country.

Diabetes isn’t going to stop her from getting out and living life! She’s become an inspiration and a beam of hope for the millions of diabetics who are struggling to accept their diagnosis and thrive, despite the limitations the disease imposes on its victims.

She began her journey at the famed Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, and traveled eastward. A feat that might seem daunting to most, Tracy expresses her gratitude for the experience. She enjoys admiring the world that surrounds her as she takes in the sites mid-ride.

Her goal is to inspire and educate – and biking across the country is a surefire way to get people’s attention in order to be able to facilitate her pursuits. She encourages diabetics to challenge themselves not to fold – but to push through and experience life no matter what, because life is so beautiful and time is precious.

Tracy has traveled over 2,000 miles throughout her journey, bringing her bike ride to a finale on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Don’t accept your diagnosis as a definition of self.