Shoulder Pain


Shoulder pain treatment with Omaha Integrated Health signified by a man holding his shoulder with a painful look on his face while lifting a weight at the gym.

Did you know that every year, approximately 4,000,000 Americans suffer from shoulder pain, strains, sprains, and dislocations? Do you want Pain Relief?

Shoulder pain can be exhausting. Literally. From intense numbness and pain that won’t allow you to sleep to pain exacerbated by everyday activities, it can feel relentless. But, we’ve helped patients like you manage their shoulder pain through non-surgical, modern treatments with few side effects that are FDA-Approved.

Fast Facts About Shoulder Pain

9 %

Of Americans Suffer From Shoulder Pain
That’s 1 in 10 People

# 1

The Most Prevalent Type of
Shoulder Injury is to the Rotator Cuff.

45 - 50 %

Pain Recurrence Occurs in Patients After One Year of Treatment


Recommended At-Home Treatment is
Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation

Start managing your shoulder pain right away without the use of NSAIDs. Schedule an appointment with a shoulder pain treatment professional today.

Why is Omaha Integrated Health the right choice for shoulder pain treatment?

Our cutting-edge treatments deliver powerful relief no matter the reason for your shoulder pain. We’ve successfully treated pain from arthritis, a frozen shoulder, a rotator cuff tear, sports injuries, a pinched nerve, tendinitis, or bursitis using our advanced fluoroscopy machine. This equipment provides a real-time view of the shoulder so we can identify the problem areas and deliver superior pain management using one of our injectable options. Our Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP), or Steroid injections provide rapid pain relief, even for over-used and stiff shoulders, for the most part. However, most patients prefer minimal downtime and choose the HA injection, our primary treatment method, because it is made of the same fluid your body already makes to protect the shoulder joint. It also helps your body generate its own production of HA, making it your best option for fast, effective pain relief.

Why Fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is an X-ray machine that shows a live view of the shoulder, revealing tissue, muscular, and tendonitis damage better than any other technology. This incredible diagnostic tool lets us pinpoint problem areas and treat patients quickly. The advantages of using Fluoroscopy include:

  • Obtains a full view of the bone, cartilage, muscles, and joints.
  • Unlike MRIs and CTs, we can reposition the body for the optimal view.
  • Provides a complete picture of the shoulder, offering patients an alternative to surgery.
  • Captures real-time 2D and 3D imaging of the shoulder.
  • Offers patients accuracy in locating and treating the problem area.

Stop Shoulder Pain Now!

Shoulder pain, if left untreated, can become chronic and affect your daily activities. So, contact us today for your free consultation if you're experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Joint Pain Deep in the Shoulder
  • Pain in the Tendons/Sacs near the Shoulder Joint
  • Numbness in the Shoulder
  • Shoulder Stiffness, Especially When Lifting the Arms Overhead
  • Pain that Increases with Activity
  • Inability to Sleep from the Pain
  • Tenderness and Swelling Around the Shoulder
  • Weakness while Lifting or Rotating the Arm
  • Dull Ache Deep Within the Shoulder

More About Shoulder Pain and our Treatments

There are several forms of shoulder pain, and depending on your age multiple reasons why you might experience pain.

Rotator Cuff Tear. The rotator cuff tear is the most common type of shoulder pain and is common in people performing repetitive activities such as construction or mechanic work. Trauma, sports injuries, and age can also contribute to tears in the shoulder joint.

Arthritis. Many people experience shoulder pain when the cartilage begins to break down, which may be indicated by grinding or clicking sounds in the shoulder.

Frozen Shoulder. Prevalent in people over 60, this condition limits the range of motion in the shoulder from scar tissue and is especially painful when lifting the arms over the head. Diabetes, hormonal imbalance, thyroid disorders, weakened immune system, and limited activity are the primary contributor to frozen shoulder.

Sports Injuries. Swimming, throwing a ball, or using inappropriate form during weight lifting can cause problems with the should joint.

Numbness. Shoulder numbness can occur from overuse, a pinched nerve, or improper positioning during sleep. A pinched nerve can come from pinching in the shoulder itself or radiating pain from the neck or arms due to shoulder inflammation.

Tendinitis. Rotator cuff injuries often cause shoulder tendinitis but can also occur in other areas of the shoulder and is often recognized by exacerbation of pain during movement.

Bursitis. Often caused by overwork of the shoulder, bursitis is identifiable by increased pain during shoulder movement.


We’ve dealt with shoulder pain ourselves, so we understand firsthand how even simple daily tasks become problematic. However, alternative medicine therapies can provide long-term pain relief, enhance shoulder mobility, and get you back to doing what you want.

The first step is an examination, where we’ll discuss how shoulder pain affects your daily function and ask about your medical and life history.

Next, our expert medical staff will order imaging scans (using our fluoroscopy machine, MRIs, or CTs). Finally, we’ll develop your treatment plan to relieve the discomfort, enhance shoulder function and limit the possibilities of future injuries.

After a thorough examination and completed diagnostic imaging, we will book you for treatment. Many patients prefer hyaluronic acid injections, but we may choose other options depending on your insurance requirements and situation.

Almost all patients ask if the shots hurt. Unfortunately, the short answer is yes. Typically, we choose hyaluronic acid injections, which help lubricate the shoulder, allow for smoother movement, reduce stiffness, and help reduce reinjury. It also stimulates the body’s production of HA, which diminishes as we age. As a result, most people require fewer shots than traditional steroid treatments and experience faster pain relief.

So, compared to surgery and recovery, or ongoing shoulder pain, this tiny pinprick of hyaluronic acid induces minor pain while delivering maximum results. In addition, some patients say the shots provide longer-lasting relief since many patients have continued shoulder pain, even after surgery.

This minimally invasive treatment typically requires 2-4 shots and only takes 30 minutes to complete. We also use a numbing spray at the administration point to help decrease discomfort and pain.

So, if your shoulder pain requires treatment but you are concerned about our injectables, please contact our office to discuss this procedure. Let us help you live your best life today.

Artificial hyaluronic acid is derived from the rooster comb; hence the name “chicken” or “rooster” shot. Unless your insurance plan specifies the avian version, we primarily use non-avian hyaluronic acid to avoid potential allergic reactions.

As a precaution, you need to know that shoulder pain can also happen suddenly and not be related to an injury during a heart attack. If you are experiencing sudden pain, please call 911 immediately. Other signs of a heart attack include difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, sweating excessively, pain in the neck or jaw, and dizziness.