Varicose Vein Treatment

The vein clinic at Omaha Integrated Health helps treat varicose veins, a common issue for people with diabetes, represented by an image of bulging blue discolored veins on a leg with two graphics showing normal blood flow and varicose vein blood flow in leg veins.

Do Your Legs Feel Heavy, Tired, Achy, or Restless?

Try Our Varicose Vein Treatment and Get Your Legs Back in Shape.

Did you know that over 40 million Americans suffer from vein disease, varicose veins, and chronic venous insufficiency? Both men and women are affected by vein disease. Many assume the pain and swelling are due to aging or weight gain and are unaware they have this disease. You no longer have to suffer from pain and discomfort.

Did you know?

190 Million

190 Million

Number of People Globally Who
Have Varicose Veins or CVI


Patients Who Actually
Treat Their Varicose Veins
30 Million Americans

30 Million Americans

Have a More Serious Form of Varicose Veins Called
Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

What makes us the best choice for Vein Treatments?

Omaha Integrated Health’s Vein Therapy program delivers promising results (5-year closure rate of 96.4%), and we don’t use general anesthesia. The treatment is completed in our office, and there is little post-procedure discomfort/bruising with virtually no downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Vein Treatments

Chronic venous insufficiency (vein disease) occurs when the veins in your legs do not function correctly. When the valves in your veins work properly, they help blood flow toward your heart; however, with vein disease, the valves fail to circulate the blood, causing blood to flow backward, accumulating in the calf area of the leg. While anyone can get Varicose Veins, in most cases, patients are over 50.

Many people with vein disease experience swollen, enlarged, twisted clusters of purple veins, leg pain or a sensation of heaviness, inflammation or swelling of the legs, itching in the skin above the affected veins, ulcers on the inner area of the ankles, or skin discoloration around the vein area. If left untreated vein disease can worsen.

Rather than surgery, Omaha Integrated Health uses a non-thermal alternative that seals the flawed veins using a medical-grade glue that is meticulously prepared to meet our high standards of care. This process improves the flow of blood to strong veins, minimizing your symptoms.

No referral is needed; our free consultations take about 60 to 90 minutes. Please bring any medical information you have, including your medical history and current lab work, and be ready to discuss your health goals. After our qualifying examination, we’ll request any necessary lab work if your labs are not current. Once approved for treatment, you will receive an individualized treatment plan, and we will schedule your initial treatment.

Several factors can determine how long the treatment will last; however, this treatment has had favorable outcomes. Many patients still have vein closure (96.4%) after five years.